Fundraiser: Gender reassignment for Lila

“Please allow me to say a few words in an attempt to explain the reasons why I have chosen to go ahead with this GoFundMe endeavor. I am a transgender (male to female) person, living and working in North Macedonia. Ever since I have been able to cognitively perceive myself at a very young age, I have known that my outward physical features are not an accurate and precise reflection of how I feel inside. For this reason and in direct consultation with medical professionals I began the process for medical gender confirmation a few years ago. I have gone through many trials and tribulations with the hormonal therapy as I was one of the first people to have done that in my country, but I was fortunate enough to get the unconditional support from my closest friends and dedicated doctors, which ensured that this process results in a certain degree of success.

The final part of my medical gender confirmation is the gender reassignment surgery which would bring this entire process to a close and allow me to live my life as my true self. My physical appearance will be fully aligned with my personal perception about myself. Even more so, I would be finally able to live my life freely, without awkward looks and glances by everyone, without constantly being judged, without having to answer inappropriate and offensive questions, without stigma, discrimination and threat of violence which I have subjected to many times. Sadly, I am unable to cover the expenses of the reassignment surgery.

Even though I am employed as a transgender advocate and activist in the civil sector and I regularly pay for health insurance, the state healthcare system does not cover the cost of such a surgical procedure. To make matters worse, I do not see a way of that policy changing in foreseeable future, which is why my kind and humble request for your support in donations is my last and only resort. I would like to thank in advance every single one of you, who had the compassion and patience to read through this and I am and will be forever grateful and indebted to you for an entire lifetime for each and every of your contributions. Trust and believe, even the slightest of your support means the world to me.”

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