Porous and blind justice: Many famous politicians have escaped – who believes in coincidences?

A succesful escape plan from prison, detention or during a trial has become a second name for justice. Many well-known names over the years from the political scene deeply involved in organized crime or corruption, but most importantly – with high political and security functions – have escaped from the state, and thus from the face of justice.

The case of Sasho Mijalkov exploded in front of the whole public this week – three days have passed after the information about the escape of the prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska to the announced arrest warrant of the Ministry of Interior. They dragged on and wasted precious hours – but everything was unsuccessful competent institutions.

Guests in the 19th edition of 25 minutes are Natali Petrovska, Executive Director of the Coalition “All For Fair Trials”, Margarita Caca Nikolovska, former judge at the European Court of Human Rights and Executive Director of the Institute for Human Rights, Nikolay Krastev, journalist (Sofia, Bulgaria) and Ljubomir Gjurchevski, a former police officer.