Why is the origin of the property and salaries of all those with public functions in North Macedonia unknown?

Judges, prosecutors, officials – all those categories that spend public money – many of them get rich overnight, inexplicably, because the origin of the property has not been determined. They have houses, flats, cottages, paintings, jewelry, money in banks or they have huge loans that are impossible to pay off their salaries. Their current and previous incomes are not published transparently, so it is not possible to see if they can afford such a fortune with their salaries.

The State Comission for prevention of corruption found that the richest people that are working for the state are amongst the judges in the Supreme Court, and anti-corruption officials are currently checking the data for about 500 judges. 17 out of those judges received misdemeanor fines for not reporting their property status.

Our guests for this edition of the TV news magazin “25 minutes” were professors Mirjana Najchevska and Gordana Buzarovska from “Ss. Cyril and Methodius University”, investigative journalist Sashka Cvetkovska, Minister of Justice Bojan Marichich and Augustin Palokaj, correspondent for Jutarnji List from Brussels.