Covid-19 vaccination in North Macedonia: An agonizing story

In the last edition of 25 minutes, we discussed the process of delivering the new vaccines against Covid-19 and the reasons why the vaccination in our country (North Macedonia) has been prolonged for a very long period of time, unlike the situation in the rest of the Western Balkans’ countries. At this point, Serbia is currently second in the world in terms of vaccinated people against Covid-19 and North Macedonia started the process today – on the 17th of February.

The guests in the latest edition of 25 minutes with Biljana Sekulovska and Mence Toci were Svetlana Jovanovska, PR in the RSM Mission to the EU, Dr. Aleksandra Grozdanova, the chairwoman of the Immunization Commission, the Minister of Health, Venko Filipce and Dr. Viktor Isjanovski, head of the National Health Center.